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Ysgol Hen Felin

Ysgol Hen Felin

Nurse, Therapies and Eye to Eye

School Nurse

We have a full time nurse on site. The school nurse liaises with parents/carers to compile Health Care Plans if required and oversees all the pupils’ medication and health needs. She organises medical clinics in school for our pupils. The school nurse is available to discuss any medical concerns parents may have about their child. Should any parent/carer require any assistance of this nature they should contact the school.


We work closely with colleagues from the Health Authority who provide Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy. These therapies are available to pupils in line with their ‘Statement of Educational Needs’.


Children are given either group or individual therapy depending upon their needs. Treatment can be given in the classroom with the full support of the school staff or in the therapy room. Wherever possible the use of specialist equipment, e.g. standing frames, is integrated into the activities of the normal school day.

Speech and Language Therapy

The Speech Therapists assist the Communication team and school staff to develop speech and language skills to use when working with the pupils. The therapists may provide specific treatment or give more general advice. They are always available to see parents by appointment.

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapist can help pupils with various needs to improve their cognitive, physical, sensory, and motor skills and enhance their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.


Our school based counselling service is provided by Eye to Eye Young People’s Counselling Service and offers a free and confidential counselling to young people aged 10 to 25 years in schools and the community in Rhondda Cynon Taf. There are occasions when it can be difficult to cope with a problem on your own. It is times like this that counselling may be able to help.

Counselling is a journey with ups and downs, some days children may feel good and other days they may feel upset. Eye to Eye counsellors will support children through their emotions and offer a safe, secure space to explore their problems.

For more information the Eye to Eye website is:-

Other Therapies

Hydro Therapy - we have a large hydro therapy pool situated inside the school building. It is timetabled throughout the week for individual and groups and children.

Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic whole-body treatment that involves moving and exercising in water; essentially physiotherapy in a pool.

Rebound Therapy - we have our own trampoline and have trained staff onsite. Rebound Therapy uses trampolines to provide therapeutic exercises to people with a wide variety of disabilities and additional needs. The therapy involves using the moving bed of the trampoline to promote movement in the participant.

MOVE - The MOVE Programme is an activity-based practice that enables young people to gain independent movement. It uses the combined approach of education, therapy and family knowledge to teach the skills of sitting, standing, walking and transitioning between. The aim of the MOVE Programme is to offer these movement opportunities to young people with movement needs, opening up and transforming the world around them and creating an accessible, interesting and educational world full of opportunity and choice.