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Ysgol Hen Felin

Ysgol Hen Felin


The curriculum is differentiated to ensure access for all pupils.  The school highlights the need to reflect the individual priority needs for the pupils as identified in their statement of educational needs and Annual Reviews. 

The curriculum is delivered through a structured framework which incorporates long, medium and short term planning ensuring continuity and progression throughout the phases.  We have recently designed and developed a new curriculum for 3-16 years and appropriated accredited courses and Pathways curriculum at 14-19.

A familiar daily routine and consistent approach to managing learning and behaviour is an integral part of the delivery of the curriculum in our school. 

Religious Education -

All pupils are taught Religious Education at Ysgol Hen Felin following the guidelines set out in the Agreed Syllabus. Religious Education is part of the daily curriculum and is integral to our structured assembly programme. Prayers are said in assembly, at lunchtime and at the end of the day. Annual religious festivals, both Christian and other religions, are also noted and/or celebrated, eg Diwali, Easter, Christmas.

Communication -

Communication is a basic need and the most important aspect of our curriculum is language development. We use sign language and PECS with some of the children who have no speech so that basic needs can be communicated. 

The school has a dedicated communication team who support students with their development. Switch/control technology is used with our PMLD pupils to enable them to gain curricular access. Communication is the hub of our English National Curriculum teaching.  There is also provision for the hearing impaired and specialist teachers visit the school once a week to support the pupils and teachers.

The sensory curriculum at Ysgol Hen Felin recognises that learning takes place through the senses and focuses on developing the learners to become aware of themselves, others, the environment around them and to begin to respond, interact and learn.

The curriculum is personalised through ‘Routes for Learning’ and is flexible in order to be responsive to the needs of the individual. The sensory curriculum incorporates learning, therapy, health needs and well-being, values development and celebrates each and every achievement. Learning is delivered through a range of opportunities incorporating smell, touch, taste, hearing, vision, and movement/balance in appropriate but vibrant ways in order to concrete the learning.

We have a wide range of resources to support the sensory curriculum such as;

  • Switch access technology
  • Sensory rooms
  • Touch Therapy sessions
  • Relaxation sessions
  • Rebound Therapy
  • Hydro pool

A sensory approach to meet individual needs of pupils ensures a broad and balanced curriculum.

The specific needs of individuals are met by a modified sensory style being employed with constant consideration being given to individual targets and the mobility and sensory skills available.

Every pupil is provided with experiences to enhance and support their learning opportunities and reach their full learning potential in a stimulating learning environment.