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Ysgol Hen Felin

Ysgol Hen Felin

14-19 department

Our 14-19 department curriculum aims to provide a holistic learning experience embedding the 6 areas of learning; Literacy, Language and Communication, Math and Numeracy, Health and Wellbeing, Humanities, Science and Technology and Expressive Arts. In addition to our core curriculum, students will have the opportunity to follow programmes tailored to their needs and interests. Our learning programme includes:

  • ·Personal and Social Development
  • ·Vocational programmes including work related learning opportunities
  • ·Community living skills including, shopping, using money, using leisure facilities and developing road safety awareness.
  • All students will also have the opportunity to study an accredited course. 

In the 14-19 department we cover all areas of the New Curriculum with a special emphasis on learning skills which are essential for living a fulfilled and independent life.

Curriculum Aims

•To ensure that every student reaches their potential in terms of life skills, academic skills and independence.
•To offer a curriculum which promotes and develops transferable skills
•To promote problem-solving skills in a variety of settings and environments
•To promote self-advocacy through pastoral support and personal and social development
•To encourage social interaction through a stimulating learning environment which support communication and social development
•To provide access to a range of experiences in the community
•To provide an environment that will assist students in their transition to adulthood.
•To ensure all students to have access to careers advice.
•To offer a wide range of therapy programmes including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Rebounders, MOVE and Music Therapy. 

14-19 department Accredited Curriculum

John Muir Award
Duke of Edinburgh 
ASDAN -Transition Challenge
Essential Skills Wales 
ASDAN -New horizons and towards independence

Enterprise and Work Based Learning Opportunities

All students will be provided with opportunities to take part in a range of work-based learning experiences. This aims to further develop an understanding of their own skills and qualities required for specific tasks or jobs, learning about relationships in the workplace and general work skills such as workplace safety, timekeeping, hygiene and budgeting. Each class will be taking part in a variety of work-based learning.  Selected students who would benefit from the experience in Year 11 will have the opportunity to attend college one morning a week to study a vocational course such as; hairdressing, carpentry, painting and decorating or tiling.

School based options

To aid their independence all 14-19 department students have the opportunity to choose their school based options, they can choose from:

Art, Hair and Beauty, Food Technology, Horticulture, DT, Music and Dance. 

They can also choose their Physical Education Options and can choose from:

Rugby, Fitness, Football, Basketball, Gymnastics, Golf, Rounders, Cricket, Tennis or Athletics.