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Ysgol Hen Felin

Ysgol Hen Felin

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 offer a wide range of opportunities for pupils to develop new skills. Teachers are encouraged to use appropriate programmes of study that suit the pupils individual needs.

The Literacy and Numeracy framework and Digital Competency Framework are used to inform planning and target setting and introduced during focussed sessions linked to schemes such as Read Write Inc. Pupils are provided with daily opportunities to work towards their IEP targets and these skills are consolidated in our topic based projects, using current and relevant themes to engage and spark enthusiasm with our pupils. 

The use of digital learning opportunities and specific digital equipment is a big focus in Key Stage 3, allowing the pupils opportunities to explore and develop new skill in coding, editing and collaborative work through the use of ICT. Pupils are introduced to innovative resources and technologies, with a focus around the development of key digital life skills, as well as encouraging creative digital projects across the 3 classes. 

When pupils get to Key Stage 3, they will be provided with a range of sporting opportunities, with outside agencies delivering specific specialist sessions, as well as sporting events linked with other schools. Pupils will have opportunities to represent our school and participate in a range of sporting events throughout the school year, as well as taking part in a range of activities such as Rebound therapy, swimming / water confidence lessons and sessions provided by the Sporting Marvels.

We aim to promote life skills and independence at Key Stage 3 by incorporating a range of community visits as part of the timetable. By providing opportunities for communication to our pupils both in and out of the school setting, we aim to offer pupils valuable real life experiences. Pupils are encouraged to develop a range of practical life skills in the classroom and to put these into practise in real life situations within the community, allowing for progress to be made with pupils’ confidence and independence skills.

We present the pupils in Key Stage 3 with challenging activities to develop problem solving and thinking skills. Communication is promoted throughout the school day at every level, with opportunities for pupils to develop their own individual communication targets. We have communication intervention groups set up to allow pupils further opportunities to consolidate these skills with pupils and staff outside of their own class base, which builds confidence levels and allows pupils to transfer these skills to other areas of learning.

As a Key Stage, we offer a range of projects to work on as part of a whole area to allow pupils opportunities to work alongside pupils and staff outside of their class base. Collaborative work between the department is something that we are keen to promote. Key Stage 3 pupils will often take part in focussed working groups alongside pupils and members of staff from outside of their own class bases. This works particularly well during digital based tasks linked to Lego Therapy, editing and coding sessions, as well as during our enterprise projects. All pupils in Key Stage 3 are provided with an opportunity to ‘opt in’ to group sessions once a week to develop an enterprise project. Each week, pupils work towards a ‘Key Stage 3 Event’ day, where they have opportunities to present information to parents, share projects and work, as well as sell products developed throughout the term.

This concept works hand in hand with our ‘Wellbeing Afternoons.’ Pupils are again encouraged to make a choice between activities and ‘opt in’ to specialist practical sessions such as African drumming, art workshops, special effects make- up and Lego therapy and games. These sessions are aimed purely to engage pupils in tasks linked to promote and raise awareness of their own and others’ wellbeing.

We welcome parental contact either through home/school books, telephone calls, social evenings, parents meetings and annual reviews. We feel this is an important aspect of maintaining positive relations between school and home life. We love to share our projects and the pupil’s hard work with parents and family members, which is the reason for our ‘Key Stage 3 Event’ Days, providing families with an additional opportunity to come into school at the end of each topic project to reflect on the pupils’ efforts over the last term.

We have a fantastic team effort approach within the department, allowing good practise to be shared between all staff and pupils, providing the very best opportunities for all of our pupils throughout their time in Key stage 3.