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Ysgol Hen Felin

Ysgol Hen Felin

Foundation Phase

There are 6 classes within the Foundation Phase.

Dosbarth Enfys

Children in Dosbarth Enfys are at an early developmental stage in their learning and often have complex medical needs. The children in the class follow a multi-sensory curriculum based on the principles of the Foundation Phase. Dosbarth Enfys offers the children opportunities to interact in positive relationships and within an enabling environment. We provide developmentally appropriate, play based learning adapted to meet the specific needs of our pupils. Emphasis is placed on the creation of a stimulating and engaging learning environment which is designed to reflect the children’s interests and learning needs.  The day is clearly and sensitively structured in order to establish learning routines, encouraging the development of anticipation. The promotion of effective communication skills is a thread which runs throughout the day and individualised strategies are present, including Makaton, vocalisations, body language/actions, use of symbols and  assistive technology. The children’s Individual Education Plans  underpin all of their learning. Therapy programmes are incorporated in to our play based learning activities and daily routines, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and sensory services input, such as hearing impairment. Children’s progress is observed and recorded against the Routes for Learning route map and P scales. All of the children have access to specialist areas within the school, including the hydrotherapy pool, sensory room and rebounders.  

The Early Years 

Dosbarth Gwyrdd, Classes 1 and 2 are where our young pupils begin their school life and this starts with all of our pupils receiving a home visit from our Home/School Team. We follow the New Curriculum for Wales, differentiating activities to suit individual needs, our pupils learn through play and ’hands on’ experiences in our indoor and outdoor continuous provision. Our aim is to enhance the learning experiences of our children using creative and imaginative ideas and allow the pupils to have fun whilst learning. For our pupils to fully access the curriculum we have to have a multi-disciplinary approach with other professionals. Hence the staff work very closely with Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Hearing Impaired services etc.

To summarise, the aim of the Early Years is to learn, develop and grow as individuals through structured play and appropriate learning activities. We love playing musical instruments, we love playing games outside, we love swimming and cooking, we love singing and dancing, we love any kind of messy activities!

Classes 3 and Dosbarth Coch

The children’s ages range from 5-9 years old. The children have the opportunity to learn through ‘hands on’ practical activities to enhance their knowledge and understanding with some directed by staff and others freely selected by the children through continuous and enhanced provision.

We enjoy learning through ‘the outdoor classroom’ which research has shown has a profound effect on children’s concentration and involvement.

We develop listening and speaking skills as well as allowing the children to express their own interests increasing their confidence and self esteem.

We hope it will enable the children to be happy, to learn through having fun, to be valued as individuals and to develop their social and independence skills.

Children will be given the opportunity to explore, investigate, experiment, question and solve problems.

In both classes the children develop concepts using a sensory approach which takes into account all our children's learning styles. We also use Attention Autism to develop concentration, adapting these principles to introduce topics and skills. 
Pupils within Dosbarth Coch require a more intensive approach to their learning and are therefore taught with a higher adult to pupil ratio to enable them to access the curriculum appropriately within a smaller environment.