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Ysgol Hen Felin

Ysgol Hen Felin

Digital Competence Framework (DCF) and Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF)

The DCF which stands for Digital Competence Frameworkin Wales 2022, also known as "Cymhwysedd digidol" in Welsh, is an integral part of the new Curriculum in Welsh schools. It is an area of learning that sets out to teach children the knowledge, attitude and skills they need to be able to use technology and systems confidently, creatively and critically.

From September 2022 the literacy, numeracy and digital competence area of learning and experience (AoLE), along with the other six areas, will be mandatory in all Welsh schools.

The AoLE offers cross-circular information that will be essential to all learning and enables learners to develop lifelong skills. The joint Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) and DCF area will be used across all areas to ensure learners have many opportunities to develop and apply these skills. This will set them up to be able to adapt and thrive in the modern world, being capable of learning and adapting to new skills throughout their lives.